Reader Testimonials

With over 2 million page impressions on NewsBreak, Southside Matt develops stories intended to provoke thought and discussion among readers, while not necessarily being connotatively provocative.

These stories have been viewed over 128,000 times by over 124,000 different readers. This has generated over 2,000 comments, the large majority being discussion between readers about the subject of the article.

What do these readers say about Southside Matt, though? Here are some examples:

Scot Kubiak
Oct. 28, 2021
Open Letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott

"well written article and symptomatic of the issue."

Oct. 17, 2021
An Open Letter to Missouri Governor Mike Parson

"Good article…I don’t believe Hee Haw Parsons has the ability to comprehend what you wrote."

Angry Oregon Logger
Sep. 27, 2021
Oregon law denies home protection and increases crime

"[I] agree with everything in this article 150%."

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