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This page is intended to be a portal for displaying the various writings of Southside Matt. The desire is that this page and its content, including any comments or posts by readers, remain family-friendly and suitable for all ages.

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Appeal of Removal/Block - Any comment removal or user block may be appealed. The person whose comment has been removed or who has experienced being blocked may write to with full details of why they believe the post should remain or the block should be lifted.
Request To Have a Comment Removed or User Blocked - Inappropriate content can be reported to us by writing to with full details as to why it is believed that the content should be removed or the user blocked. After review, a decision will be rendered, solely at the discretion of Southside Matt, and the requestor notified via reply email.
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Any personal information gathered by participation with this site will be used solely for identification purposes by the site operators. At no point in time while these Terms of Use are in effect will this information be sold or voluntarily shared with others. Information gathered will be shared with law enforcement or other legal entities upon the receipt of appropriate legal documentation requiring that the information be disclosed. Where appropriate, the site operators will challenge any request for personal information to the fullest extent possible to ensure that the request meets all legal requirements and conforms with these Terms.

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Any copyrighted or trademarked material used by site operators are included with express authorization and/or under the Fair Use Doctrine. The site operators shall not be held liable for the posting of any unlicensed copyrighted or trademarked materials by any user, and will remove such content immediately upon proper notice of copyright or trademark infringement. Claims of copyright/trademark infringement can be reported to us at removal@southsidematt.com. Upon the receipt of such a claim, the material will be removed immediately, with the poster notified of the claim as the site operators are able. Posters who have been notified of such a claim may appeal based on the Appeal of Removal/Block process above. Content found to not be infringing on a copyright/trademark claim will be reinstated, with both parties - the claimaint and the poster - being notified via reply email of the decision.

In general, this site is an honest effort to provide an outlet for Southside Matt's articles and blog posts, while allowing readers the freedom to comment with their opinions, within appropriate bounds. It is hoped that these terms do not need to be expanded as we expect that our visitors will act in an adult nature when commenting, positing and visiting the site.

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