2021 Review

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Welcome to Southside Matt

With over 1 million page impressions on the NewsBreak app and website, Southside Matt is a reputable journalist posting primarily on government news and current events. Through this page, you can find links to articles as well as to extra content such as blog posts that go beyond the news.

The belief and reason for the separation of the two is that the news articles should be primarily facts and descriptions of the events and actions, while the blog posts are "free play" for the sharing of thoughts and opinions that go beyond the news.

This page provides the beginning of each article and blog post, with links to full content. Please peruse the page as you wish and know that Southside Matt appreciates any reading you wish to do.

Be sure to check out all of the material available and feel free to share your thoughts through our Contact Us page.

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We recently posted a series on the Declaration of Independence and how it relates to today's government on Patreon. Some of it is open for public viewing, so check it out!

News Articles

Focusing on governmental affairs and current world events, Southside Matt posts news articles at a rate of about 2 every 3 days. Generally, the topics covered are those largely ignored by most media outlets and provide an additional insight into matters that affect all.

These articles can be found on the NewsBreak app, available for both Apple and Android devices, as well as the NewsBreak website.

Blog Posts

Southside Matt's blog posts provide insight that goes beyond the facts of the news articles. Writing in the style of traditional liberalism, Southside Matt opines on the events of the day and how they will affect all. Thoughts and opinions contained therein are those of Southside Matt and do not necessarily reflect those of any others.


Curious about where Southside Matt gets inspiration? Want more information on the basis for the blog posts?

Check out our Resources page for links to much of the items that act as muses for the content.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us by different means - email or phone. Southside Matt welcomes any input, including constructive criticism, and looks forward to hearing from you!

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