About Southside Matt

Since even before the presidency of George H.W. Bush, Southside Matt has had an interest in politics and governmental affairs. Watching television news pundits opine on the events of the day, Southside Matt realized that there must be more to the story than was being reported by traditional media sources. Because of this realization, Southside Matt began to develop writings that were hoped to appear on the internet and develop a following. As the day of home internet service was just dawning, Southside Matt wrote and wrote but did not have the resources or connections to spread the word widely and make it a successful endeavor.

Through the following years, Southside Matt attempted to jump-start the blogging endeavor on several occasions. Each time, the effort was thwarted by the lack of resources and connections.

In July 2021, Southside Matt found an outlet that would allow the word to be spread - NewsBreak. By submitting articles to NewsBreak, Southside Matt found that the message was being received by readers and began a new endeavor into journalism.

From there, Southside Matt began to take the blog posts to Patreon and share with those who wish to read those opinion pieces.

© Copyright 2021 Southside Matt. All Rights Reserved.

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